Meet Dr. Ben Erlandson, DC

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Erlandson Clinic 

Dr. Ben Erlandson's mission is to provide natural health and wellness services to those who are suffering.  Dr. Erlandson went through a long and debilitating battle with chronic lyme disease.  Dr. Tony Smith of Coure d' Alene Idaho restored Dr. Erlandson's health using natural healing techniques.  Dr. Erlandson was so amazed by his recovery he studied and personally trained with Dr. Smith and became certified in CranioBiotic Technique and is licensed as a pastoral medical provider.  

Dr. Erlandson is married to his wife Kari.  Kari is the office manager at Erlandson Clinic.  Dr. Erlandson enjoys spending time with his wife, family, exercising and reading.  On Dr. Ben's days off you might see him boating on the mississippi river in the summer or cross country skiing in the winter.

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