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Patient Testimonials

"Before starting LymeStop my general health was very poor.  I had gained about 15 pounds in a year as I was eating to try and keep up my energy.  With zero energy I found myself napping often and with each physical task I had, my right hand shook often.  I hadn’t heard about LymeStop before and I wasn’t aware that I had Lyme at the time.  I heard about a lady that also had no energy and seeing Dr. Ben had changed her life.  

As a result of a gluten free diet, I am now losing weight.  I now have more energy and take only one power nap a day after treatment.  People have also asked me if I got new glasses as my eyes were brighter.  I would definitely recommend LymeStop to others.  People are skeptical, but I wanted to be treated for what the regular medical community couldn’t diagnose or help me with. 

Being treated by Dr. Ben changed my life.  The office staff is great.  It was a Godsend."

--Leslie H.  

"Dr. Ben,

I will say that I am currently beginning to be amazed.  My joint pain is gone.  Completely.  I had not realized how much pain I have been living with for 18 years; it is amazing what you can get used to!  My brain fog is gone.  My headaches have almost completely subsided.  My energy and stamina are up.  My constant bloating is gone.  The emotional roller coaster I have been on for 18 years has calmed down.  I’m still maintaining my diet; I don’t know if I will deviate from that for a while if ever.

When I first came to you, I would describe myself as open but not real hopeful.  I had tried what seemed like zillions of “treatments” over the years, many of them recommended to me by enthusiastic friends.  Nothing.  At this point, I just wanted to try it so I could say I did, but I was not really expecting much of anything to happen.  But in the last month or two, I have finally really noticed dramatic improvement.  Even so, I’m so overly careful about such things that I’m still going to give it a year before I become officially excited.  Just my personality.  I have told exactly 5 people about my experience; it just came up casually in conversation.  Now there are 6 people who say that they will be contacting you soon.  I believe one already has an appointment.  I must admit that feeling the way I do after so long has been strangely disorienting.  It sounds odd, but it will take some adjusting; I’m just going to take it slowly for now.  But, I wanted to thank you and let you know how things are going for me.  I shall keep you both in prayer!…Barry

Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day that says, "I will try again tomorrow."

--Barry P.

"I am a very fit, active, healthy 38 year old that in one week became very ill. The week I became ill, throughout the week I was gradually having more pain in my back,  extreme fatigue, and  became increasingly confused.  I am a high school teacher and the school year was nearly over, so fatigue is very common, however the other symptoms seemed strange.  I knew I was in trouble and scheduled an appointment at the urgent care clinic.  On the way there I nearly passed out.  The doctor dismissed my case as hypertension and sent me home even though I could hardly walk at this point.  In the middle of the night I woke up shaking uncontrollably because of a high fever near 104.  My wife drove me to the emergency room where I was given two bags of IV fluid as well as antibiotics.  The doctor gave me several blood tests and treated me for anaplasmosis.  This diagnosis in only based on symptoms because all of my bloodwork from came back saying I had nothing wrong with me.  However even the doctor in the emergency room said that many people do not show any "markers" in their blood.I was treated with antibiotics from my doctor for 20 days.  The inability of mainstream medicine to diagnose and treat lymes and other tick infections drove me to find as many answers as possible.  Reading Dr. Ben's own testimonial about his struggle with lymes gave me the confidence that I could trust him with my care. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ben to see if the LymeStop technique would work for me. Before the treatment I was only able to function at about 60%, since going to Dr. Ben I am at least 90% recovered and have a lot more energy.  Other people I have talked to with the same diagnosis  have not improved this much in one year, where I have greatly improved in less than two months with one LymeStop treatment. Dr. Ben tested me again and I am free of any lyme strains.  I attribute this quick recovery to eating well, probiotics, and the treatment.  I have told anyone who I know is struggling with lyme about LymeStop and encourage them to come see Dr. Ben.  Thank you for helping me recover so quickly."

--Al C.

"Before I started LymeStop, I was miserable. I had little to no energy. Most foods would make my stomach upset. I couldn’t focus on anything and I even had to stop driving. All in all, I felt like my health was decreasing daily.  I was a little skeptical at first since I had never heard of a treatment like this, but I had gone to so many other doctors prior and nothing had helped.  My health has improved so much from LymesStop. I don’t have to take naps everyday, and my brain-fog has cleared. I no longer have stomach aches, and my overall quality of life is better than it’s been in years.  Yes, yes, yes I would definitely recommend LymeStop to others as I have spent so much time and money over the years trying to improve my health, and LymeStop is the one and only thing that has worked for me."

--Allison G.

"Before Lymestop, I had come in with dry itchy skin.  Nothing I tried would clear it up.  I would wake up 3-4 times a night because of how itchy I was.  I would have tried Lymestop sooner, but I had no idea that my problems stemmed from Lymes disease at the time.  As a result my skin no longer bothers me and I have formed healthier habits, especially with the way I eat.  I would recommend Lymestop to others as it is a natural way to help your body heal itself."

--Daniel O.

"Prior to LymeStop, I felt like I was dying and wished I could.  I was depressed with brain fog, making daily household tasks difficult.  In my children I found some pleasure, but mostly work.  I had no energy, severe joint weakness, and muscle aches.    

I hadn’t heard of LymeStop prior to my treatment.  It created a complete physical change.  I enjoy my family now, I feel like life is worth living and I don’t let everyday stressors get me down.   I can actually walk without the fear of falling.  I would definitely recommend LymeStop because it has changed my life so much.

I just want to thank Dr. Ben for what he did for me."

--Shelley J.

"Before Lymestop my health was debilitating with overwhelming fatigue, joint pain, anxiety and other debilitating symptoms.   I reached a point of hopelessness, feeling like a spectator in life, watching everyone else live while I merely existed.

I was already being treated with other herbs, but they didn’t seem to be working as well as previously.  I continued them for about 9 months after being told about LymeStop when I finally realized that I needed to change my treatment and was able to get in to be seen fairly soon. 

After treatment I have the ability to move and do more things I enjoy.  The ability to think more clearly and comprehend my creative abilities like quilting, writing, and gardening have  returned!  I believe in the technique. The concept makes sense and I have major improvements in my health!  The most improved area in my body is the ability to move and do things with increased stamina.  

I thank God for Dr. Erlandson and this technique.  I believe I have been helped so I can tell others about Dr. Erlandson, and hopefully they will receive help before they have to suffer as much as I did and go through all the pain and suffering I went through."

--Pamela L.

"My health was extremely poor.  I struggled with headaches, stomach aches, chronic fatigue, acne, bloating, brain fog, and digestive issues.  Many of these symptoms were correlated to food sensitivities.  My sensitivities were only getting worse until I began seeing Dr. Erlandson! He had discovered lyme disease was likely causing my issues with food.  

I did not know LymeStop existed prior to seeing Dr. Erlandson.  I also did not know lyme disease could cause problems after antibiotics, especially food sensitivities.  I am no longer experiencing fatigue or brain fog from any foods.   Almost every food gave me those symptoms when I began the LymeStop treatment a year ago.

I’ve recommended it to dozens of people with lyme disease because it has changed my life and made me feel like myself again!  This has impacted my life so greatly that I am now intending to pursue a career in natural health care."

--Derick P.

"Before my son and I started LymeStop, I was run down in constant brain fog and achy.  My son was having some behavior issues, weakness and sleeping more often.  I couldn’t even function most days as a stay at home mom of 2.  My son used to be able to make it across the monkey bars but hardly could anymore.  I initially hadn’t heard of LymeStop right away and the drive and cost were concerning factors.  

I didn’t realize how terrible I felt until I realized what it felt like to be “normal” again.  My son can also go across the monkey bars over and over again.  I absolutely would recommend LymeStop to others.  I have energy that keeps me going all day.  I can do things I haven’t been able to; like working out, working in the garden, having clarity and energy again.  My body feels healthy.  Had I known about LymeStop, I would have made this our first choice rather than trying other things that weren’t effective like detoxes and mainstream medicine."

--Karla F.

"Prior to my LymeStop Treatment in March of 2016, I was diagnosed with a low ejection fracture rate.  I was 30 lbs heavier, tired, sore and overall not feeling well.  I was not aware of the program until my wife had brought it to my attention.  I stopped drinking right away and started eating organic foods.  I increased my exercise and included a trainer.  I would very much recommend LymeStop to everyone.  In one year my heart strength has doubled and I feel great."

--Mark T.

"Prior to my LymeStop treatment in May of 2016 I unexpectedly passed out one day.  As a result of that, I had numerous ER visits.  I had numbing and tingling and was so tired all the time.  I had lots of different tests, x-rays, CT scans, and an MRI.  Everything came back normal, yet I continued to not feel very well.  A friend told me about a doctor in PA that treated lymes and I started going to him, driving 10 hours one way every 2 months.  I was diagnosed with lymes and started antibiotics.  After 4 months of side effects and not feeling better, I started asking around for other options. 

I had never heard of LymeStop before.  After talking to some friends, I was ready to give it a try.  I had my 6 treatments, (2 a day) and went home with vitamins and a special diet for 3 months.  Within a week I was noticing a change already.  After having headaches almost constantly for several months and always feeling tired and having aching legs all the time I was feeling much better.  My outlook on life has been much better.  I feel like getting out and working in my flower garden again.  Last summer I had no energy for that and this summer, I’m out there almost every day. 

I would most definitely recommend LymeStop to others.  The natural way of treatment is so much better than taking antibiotics.
I also have the energy again to take care of my family of 6 children.  I am very grateful and thankful to Dr. Ben for his part in making a difference in my health.  Without lots of prayer and God helping me and then what Dr. Ben did, I don’t know what I’d be like.  May God bless him for his work."

--Mary U. 

"Before LymeStop I was always tired and didn’t feel good.  I’d get pale and almost faint a lot.  Several times my lips turned bright blue so I’ve doctored but couldn’t find anything wrong.  My heart felt like it skipped around sometimes and at night I wouldn’t sleep properly.

I didn’t realize it could be lymes until my regular chiropractor suggested that it probably was.  Since treatment, I am not as tired and my head has cleared up.  I don’t feel yuck, pale or like I am going to faint anymore.  I would recommend it to others because I feel so much better!

I am so happy how fast I responded!  Within the first three months, I was almost completely better."

--Shandra L.

"My health before LymeStop was very poor.  I pretty much had every single one of the  symptoms.  The worst one was memory loss.  That scared me as I felt like a rapidly dying old guy in a 21 year old body.  It was really discouraging and stressful.  I hadn’t heard of Lymestop prior to my treatment. 

I had close to an absolute transformation.  I had forgotten completely what it was like to wake up ready to go in the morning.  After getting treated, I felt as if I had wings.  I would recommend LymeStop to others.  It completely changed my life in a physical sense, even though it was affecting my spiritual walk with God.  It was an amazing switch from what I was to what I am. 

I have learned a different respect for life.  I have new perspectives and pity for those who struggle with this."

--Mike M. 

"Before seeking help with CranioBiotic Technique(CBT) I generally felt tired and anxious at the same time. I couldn't figure out what foods were causing my constant stomach problems. I felt stressed even when I wasn't under stressful conditions or situations. I had a lot of muscle and joint aches and pains as well. I heard about CBT about a year ago but was doubtful that it would help. I looked into more expensive and time consuming allergy treatment plans and compared it to this one. I figured I had nothing to lose and trusted Dr. Erlandson over the other clinics.

After the CBT treatments I had lowered inflammation, lost 14lbs, and had more energy. My eyes look “brighter”. I don't feel tired. I feel more educated about how my body works and what I need to do to get well. People tell me I look great. One person said I seem very calm and less stressed. It's easier to have a positive attitude when you feel good!

I would recommend CBT. My biggest positive impression of this was that Dr. Ben did not try to sell me anything like cleanses or expensive shakes or supplements. He simply treated me and told me what foods to eat and what to avoid. I did purchase probiotics and vitamin D3 supplement but would have anyway. I just knew that his would be high quality and trusted his advice.

Others have noticed the changes in how I look and feel. I have lost weight naturally and gotten rid of the stomach aches and bloating. I don't feel anxious or stressed. This worked for me. Don't wait like I did-do this for yourself. Life is short-spend it feeling well instead of sick!”

--Jen C.

"Before Craniobiotic technique I was not feeling well. I was coughing all the time, losing my voice many times. I had fatigue, muscle aches, many allergies, brain fog, weight gain, constipation, digestive problems, and blurred vision. I didn't know about Craniobiotic Technique until my niece had told me Dr. Ben was performing the technique.

Since CBT treatments I don't have anymore allergy problems, I feeling much better with more energy. NO more brain fog or constipation or digestive problems.

I have recommended CBT to many. For the last three years I have tried many drugs, allergy shots with no results. This technique has really been great for me. Dr. Ben thank you very much for taking care of my many health issues. “

--Linda C.

"Before I had Craniobiotic Technique(CBT) I would have severe headaches, body pain, chills, flu like symptoms including nausea and vomiting. I had severe allergies. I didn't know about CBT existing until a friend told me about it. Thought about it, and tested Dr. Ben to see if he knew what I was allergic to and he nailed it right on the head.

I have had none of the symptoms I used to get, also no more allergy medicine. I tell everyone about the technique who has allergies. Simply put it works!”

--Eric R.

"When I moved to La Crosse, I experienced severe seasonal allergies for the first time. I was sneezing, itching and had nasal congestion. I tried several medicines and didn't get complete relief. I had never heard about Craniobiotic Technique. I was skeptical at first, but I was trying so many allergy medicines that I thought something more natural would be worth a try.

My seasonal allergies are nearly non-existent now. I am not sneezing, itching or getting watery eyes. If you have tried other treatments and are still suffering, this technique is definitely an option. I have had nearly no symptoms since this treatment.”

--Andrea B.

"Before starting Craniobiotic Technique I had extreme headaches every day for a year, fatique, and weight gain. I felt horrible; I couldn't concentrate or focus and would have mood swings. If I would have known about it sooner I would have done it right away!

My experience with Craniobiotic Technique was amazing! I had instand relief with my headaches! After performing the advised home treatments for 2-3 weeks my headaches were gone! I would and already recommend Craniobiotic Technique to others! It is incredible and nothing else helped me; I finally received the help I needed with Craniobiotic Technique! It is simply amazing and it works!”

--Stephanie D.

"I had heard of Dr. Ben from my daughter. I didn’t feel like I had a need to go myself until symptoms with my lungs became chronic. I have had lung problems for years. Several years ago I was treated medically and given many antibiotics, etc to no avail. I did find relief at that time from Allergy Associates in La Crosse. When my lungs started acting up again, I decided to pursue natural treatment from Dr. Ben. The pain, coughing up of phlegm, and coughing subsided after one treatment, and my lungs feel great. I would and have recommended Dr. Ben to many. To my knowledge, all who have gone have been helped."

--Kathy M.

"Before coming to Dr. Erlandson I struggled everyday with fatigue, headaches, lack of focus, and food sensitivities. Everyday it was a struggle to stay awake in classes and it wasn't uncommon for me to be sleeping while in class. I never knew about this technique until one day my mom's friends told us about Dr. Ben and what he had done for her.

After the treatments now I don't fall asleep during class or have problems with my food sensitivity, headaches, or lack of focus. Overall I feel a lot better!

I liked how he gets tot he root of the problem and doesn't just put me on medicine for something. I highly recommend coming to Dr. Ben to anyone having health problems.”

--Trece F.

"Our daughter had been diagnosed with food allergies and candida. She had reflux type symptoms and stomach aches that affected her energy and overall outlook on life. A friend recommended us to Dr. Erlandson and CBT after being treated for lyme disease. We were ready to change treatments because our daughter's health and symptoms were so up and down and the current treatment was getting us nowhere.

After her treatment, we have our daughter back! And she has her life back! She has energy. She no longer has stomach aches and reflux/vomiting issues. She can enjoy friends again and focus on school/work again.

I would recommend CBT. It worked for our daughter and we are so thankful she can enjoy life again. The cost of CBT is reasonable and Dr. Erlandson and Kari have been wonderful to work with."

--Louise S.

"I had indigestion, sleeplessness, and no energy. I felt depressed and in general not good. My niece told me about CBT and how well she got from it. After the treatment I felt great and was able to do homework and gardening again. I would recommend CBT because it is a technique that works to get back to good health. Dr. Erlandson and his wife are very caring people and make you feel at ease."

--Patsy R.

"I never had allergies when I was younger, but as the years went by my seasonal and environment allergies grew stronger and more constant. I was to the point that all year round I was suffering from some symptom due to my allergies, such as itchy dry eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure and constant drainage. I would take allergy medication every day if I remembered, and even consulted my Primary Care Provider and received nasal spray. However the medication and spray would make me feel drowsy all day and would dry out my sinus to much that I would have bloody noses almost every day. My sinus cavities would feel so dry that it would keep me up at night. In addition to the allergy symptoms, sometimes my drainage would become so bad, it would turn into a sinus infection, which then would turn into an upper respiratory infection. I would suffer from at least 3-4 of these infections a year and they would take about 3 weeks each to clear up. I was to the point I felt I would have to live with allergies and infections for the rest of my life. Then my mom told me about a new treatment she received at her chiropractor which cured her allergies almost immediately after getting treated. I was very skeptical of this as I had heard of pressure areas chiropractors would do on sinuses and most people said it was only a band aid on a chronic issue. Also for my mom to say that her allergies were cured, I felt was a very bold statement and left me wondering what my mom had gotten herself into. She explained it wasn’t anything like that and she wanted me to try it out. I was getting married that year and she explained she didn’t want me to still be suffering from allergies on my wedding day. She made an appointment for me. (Which Dr. Ben was kind enough to come in on a Saturday to meet me and do the evaluation and treatment) As the treatment started, Dr. Ben explained how it worked and what it does. It was definitely something I had never heard of, however the testing of the elements I had experienced at a conference once with negative and positive energy, so I was aware of how the body reacts. I was amazed at the elements and areas of inflammation Dr. Ben was able to point out, without me even advising him of my history and areas I felt might be an issue. I ended up having a list of areas and allergens I had issues with and decided to get everything treated right away. Immediately after the treatment, I could feel the pressure in my sinuses being released and had immediate drainage. I describe it as a feeling of air bubbles going through you nasal sinuses and as strange as that sounds, it was a great feeling! In the past year I have had to be retreated a few times, however as of today I’m happy to say I’m allergy free! I can go outside and breath in clearly, I can mow my yard without my eyes swelling up and having multiple sneezing episodes, and I’m able to enjoy every day without sinus pressure or headaches. I am forever grateful for the CBT treatment and Dr. Ben for helping me!"

Thank you!

--Emily C.

"Before starting CBT I had bad allergies.  I almost could not even open my eyes.  I wish I would have found out about it sooner, but I didn't know about it and didn't think it would work so well.  I don't have to take pills everyday, and just feel good overall.  I would recommend it to others and I already have.  They said it has been a night and day difference for them as well.  I wish I would have tried this sooner."

--Cody S. 

"I suffered from allergies - itchy, watery, swollen eyes, and an achy throat.  Since having the CBT treatments now I don't have to rub my eyes at night, no itching or swollen eyes.  I no longer have to use eye drops or allergy medication.  I would recommend CBT because it works!  You will save money on doctor visits, allergy medications, eye drops, ect..  You will feel better.  I would recommend CranioBiotic Technique to anyone who suffers from allergies.  I was very skeptical during treatment.  You will see it does work."

--Carleen M.  

"I was tired all the time.  Even after 8 or 9 hours of sleep, it was still hard for me to get up in the morning. I felt I had to drag my feet to work.  I had no energy for exercise and try to avoid social events.  Every time I would ride in the car with my husband, half of the trip I would be sleeping.  I didn't realize I had health issues, but just being stressed out by owning a business.  I also thought my age just reduce my energy and motivation for exercise.  

It has totally amazed me that how much energy I have now.  I can go out and do things with my husband and be more efficient at work.  My vision has also improved a lot.  The best part, I didn't take any medication for this, which always has some nasty side effects on our bodies.  I'm very thankful to have met Dr. Ben and for his abilities to help people."  

--Lucy L.  

"I was looking for a doctor in Onalaska and learned of Ben Erlandson thru a friend of mine who has been going to him.  It was only then that I learned of Craniobiotic Technique. I had never heard of it before but something new in health is always of interest to me. I was very anxious to try this.
I had been having a lot of gastrointestinal problems for some time. Always had to be careful of what I eat . Years ago I had a test that told me I was allergic to the casein protein in milk and that I was sensitive to gluten so I immediately discontinued all milk products and went gluten free in my eating as much as possible. I would get diarrhea a lot whenever I would eat something I was sensitive to.  Lately I had been having a LOT of discomfort in my gut with gas, bloating, rumbling.
When CBT was performed by Dr. Erlandson, he discovered several parasites, infections, mold .
He cleared these out doing his procedure and what a difference it has made in how my gut feels.
It certainly has quieted down .  The chronic diarrhea I had been having has also decreased to almost nothing.  What a relief that has been.  I am so glad I learned of Dr. Erlandson and his CBT.
It has been a blessing and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is having any kind of health problems.  Find out from him if CBT can be of help to you too."

--Shirley M.

"I have had years of problems with my breathing.  I had my first appointment with Dr. Ben about a year ago and symptoms changed right away and have kept getting better.  I have had two check ups since then in a year.  Before trying Dr. Erlandson I went to my medical doctor and was prescribed two inhalers that I had to use everyday for many years.  Now I don't have to use the inhalers anymore and my breathing is back to like it was when I was young.

It has been great now to have my problems anymore and not have to use my inhalers.  I thought this was a progressive disease and now I am back to normal!"

--Bruce S. 

"Before starting the Craniobiotic Technique I had occasional days of great depression and anxiety, and suffered with allergies for many years.  My energy on some days was very low.  I had terrible anxiety about going to big social events.  

I had never heard of Craniobiotic Technique before starting with Dr. Ben for chiropractic care.  One appointment came after I had a major melt down.  Dr. Ben, of course, noticed something was wrong and proceeded to talk to me about the Craniobiotic technique.  I was a little unsure of the cost but decided it was worth a try.  

Lots of good things have come after Dr. Ben performed the Craniobiotic Technique.  My bouts of depression and bad days have diminished to almost nothing.  I have even attended a major social event.  In the past, my anxiety would have caused me to cancel.  This time I was calm and enjoyed myself.  Incredible difference, in the past I would have been too nervous to enjoy myself.  I also have been able to ween myself off of my allergy medicine that previously I had taken 365 days a year.  

I would absolutely recommend this technique.  The cost will seem nominal when compared to the relief you get.  Dr. Ben has given me my life back, and I wish I had found him sooner."

--Susan G.  

"Before starting the Craniobiotic Technique I had digestive issues.  I was also vomiting up phlegm daily. My health improved a lot after having the treatments.  I no longer had the digestive issues.  I also no longer had to deal with daily vomiting.  I would definitely recommend this technique to others.  It improved the quality of my general health by curing individual symptoms." 

--Katelyn R. 

"I was tired and would wake up at night.  I had symptoms of a diabetic and needed to modify my diet. My blood sugar was high and I urinated more than usual.  My daughter was a success story with Dr. Erlandson, so I decided to give it a try. 

Since seeing Dr. Erlandson my energy is better, and I get a great night's sleep.  I have been working out more and I don't feel tired.  I can add food back into my diet with no diabetic symptoms.  I feel great!  I recommend CBT because it is painless with no side effects and it was correcting the problems naturally. Dr. Ben and Kari are professional and great to work with!"

--Wayne S. 

"I thought you might appreciate how my perspective has changed since last year. When I came to you before it was a last resort because conventional medicine had failed. God reminded me that He is the ultimate healer and can use any means He chooses, but I still had misgivings.

I’ve come a long way. When I was told I had appendicitis, conventional treatment was my last resort, frustrating the doctors. I immediately wanted alternatives to surgery, and you were on my list of possibilities. When I got another infection as a result of the antibiotics, I wanted nothing more to do with them.. but I had no idea what I would risk by delaying treatment. It was a great relief to come see you right away.

There’s more than one way to evaluate any situation. I assumed I ought to have another stool test to be sure the C. diff was gone by any standard. But as I drove home, reflecting on that roller-coaster day, I realized I would have been better off if I could have gone directly to you when I had the pain and diarrhea, instead of starting with a conventional doctor. I decided the lab test may not be worth bothering with.

I’m so thankful doctors like you are offering treatments that work, even if the double-blind placebo-controlled studies haven’t proven it. As this and other alternative treatments become more popular and available, I hope that someday they’ll be practical options even in urgent situations."

--Kelly H.

"I used to have brain fog, fatigue, night sweats, and digestive issues.  The biggest benefit is being able to think clearly again and I have energy!  Life doesn't seem like such a chore.  I'm enjoying my family and all our activities.  I's nice to enjoy food again too and not wonder if what I'm eating is going to make me feel ill. 

I would recommend CranioBiotic technique.  It is amazing—a natural way to get back to great health.  It deals with the actual health issue, not just addressing and covering up symptoms.  CBT is gentle, natural, and easy.  Dr. Erlandson's calm manner puts anxiety to rest.  He is great about answering on questions.  Kari's friendliness makes you feel good when you walk in the door."

--Louise S. 

"My head didn't feel right. My body hurt all the time. I was sleeping all the time if I had off. After the treatments my body stopped hurting and my head became clear again. Overall now it is the best I have felt in years. I would recommend CranioBiotic technique. It changed my life for the better."

--Kris B.  

"Before CranioBiotic technique I had a lot of stomach discomfort.  Every day I had some sort of digestive problem.  I now have no more digestive pain or discomfort.  I feel like a completely different person since having the care.  Yes!  I would recommend the care because it helped me feel so much better.  I am just so thankful for this treatment and how much better I feel!"

--Monique K.  

"My health was very bad, I couldn't eat, sleep or breath very good at all. I had pain in my liver area and vomiting from mold exposure. I felt very nauseated all the time and very fatigued. I was referred to Dr. Erlandson by my chiropractor. I have had great results and have no more pain in my liver and I can breathe better.

I would recommend Dr. Erlandson because it worked for me. Everyone with disbelief should read up on this technique. It was great."

--Nancy C. 

"Before seeing Dr. Erlandson I had been to traditional medical doctors, including several specialists, naturopathic doctors, spiritual healing, and numerous energy based healing practices. While it took me many years to find Dr. Erlandson I’m beyond grateful that I did. I suffered from chronic debilitating fatigue, joint/neck pain, weakness, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, and respiratory issues. Most days I was just getting by but not functioning at a comfortable or productive level. My days always required a nap and while I was getting 10+ hours of sleep it never felt like enough. My headaches and anxiety impacted me much more than I realized. It was only until after seeing Dr. Erlandson did I realize the full extent of how unwell I was. 

It took me a few years on my journey to wellness to find out about Lymestop, luckily someone I met through previous treatments told me about their success with it. Seeing their energy level and overall well being increase dramatically I knew I had to look into it. 

My quality of life has not only drastically improved but years of just barley getting by I was able to thrive. At first changes were subtle, going through the initial 3 month treatment, but steadily I continued to improve and notice changes that impacted my everyday life. Within a few months after treatments I was able to exercise longer, sleep better (and feel rested), had less joint pain, and my headaches are non existent. 

Without a doubt I would recommend Lymestop actually, numerous family members have been to see Dr. Erlandson since they’ve seen how impactful the treatment has been for me. I was told by multiple practitioners that Lyme was something I would have to figure out how to live with and maintain. It wasn’t until meeting Dr. Erlandson that I felt hopeful and saw results soon after treatments started. 

Not only is Lymestop effective, it also provides a natural way to healing. You’ll be more in-tune to how food, sleep, natural remedies, and energy can ultimately heal your body. Lymestop brought me back to life but also made me see how and what I was exposing my body to.  I will forever be grateful for Dr. Erlandson, the beliefs and expertise his practice has brought to change countless lives. 

Dr. Erlandson and staff, especially Kari, not only provided comfort and support during my visits to their office, but as a patient you can tell they truly want to help as many people as they can. Their kind and compassionate presence make the road to recovery that much more encouraging and hopeful." 

--Molly J. 

"I first saw Dr. Erlandson in May of 2017. The symptoms I dealt with that brought me to his office were brain fog and short-term memory issues.

Although I am very open to alternative methods of medical diagnosis and treatment, I left his office with a diagnosis of neurological Lyme, I struggled with whether or not I could trust it given method of muscle testing he used that was totally unfamiliar to me and seemed too simple. A few weeks later, I had the Western Blot blood test done to test for Lyme, and it confirmed Dr. Erlandson's diagnosis. I could have saved a few hundred dollars by trusting his earlier diagnosis.

He treated me for Lyme, and its co-infections I carried, in October of 2017. The treatment itself was a breeze. There was no pain whatsoever. All I had to do was lay on a table, and sometimes stand, in his office while he "worked his magic." After the last treatment, I left with a three month plus supply of supplements to help my body put up its best fight, and guidelines to following the ketogenic diet he recommend for me for the next three months.

In the days and weeks after the treatment, while I stayed on the diet and took the supplements, slowly, but surely, my mental function returned to normal. I even benefited in ways I didn't expect, such as tendinitis in my elbow went away. I think this may have been due to the diet I’m not sure. At my three month check up, Dr. Erlandson confirmed that my Lyme was gone. This was awesome news!

I would definitely recommend LymeStop for anyone who suffers from Lyme disease, acute or chronic. As I would be loathe to pump massive amounts of antibiotics into my body as Western medicine would advise, I feel so blessed to have had this effective and superior alternative available to me.

That is my testimony, Dr. Erlandson and Kari. You have my permission to use it with whomever and however you wish. If you need my actual signature, let me know, and I'll print this, sign it, and mail it to you.

Thank you for taking good care of me!"

--Lori B.

"My whole life I have always felt “off”. I never had the stamina of other kids or felt well. I was constantly sick and had a general feeling of dis-ease. This lasted my whole childhood and into adulthood. I spent years in doctors offices but no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me or give me the answers I so desperately longed for.

When I became a parent my health became my number one priority. I had to be well in order to care for myself and my children and be the parent I wanted to be. I actively pursued a wellness lifestyle. I found a chiropractor, ate well, worked out, etc. but still felt unwell. I had started hearing about Dr. Ben during these years and although I was interested I felt like I needed to try doing everything I could locally with my local chiropractor who specialized in nutritionals.

A few years went by and although I had some gains with my health I was still struggling. The year before I started the LymeStop protocol my health had hit the lowest point of my life: I had dropped 20lbs. unintentionally, I could barely make it through a day without a nap, I had no energy, I couldn’t play with my kids, I was constantly in pain and fatigued, I felt like I wasn’t absorbing my food no matter how well or how much I ate. I felt like I was was dying.

After years of nutritional after nutritional product that never seemed to give me the results I had been looking I was fed up. In a one-month period I found myself surrounded by people who had gone through Dr. Ben’s LymeStop protocol. At least half a dozen friends all told me their testimonies within that time and I finally decided to make the two-hour trip and try it.

The day that I met Dr. Ben was the day my life changed. He explained that I had Lyme’s disease and probably have had it since childhood. This was the answer I had been searching for my whole life. The reason I wasn’t like anyone else. The thing that had kept me from living. And now I had the treatment to be rid of it forever! I started my treatment and my life has not been the same since.

Since my treatment, I have never felt better! I have energy! I am able to play with my kids. I am able to chase my dreams. I am able to do the things I love to do. I am able to live my life again! I have gained weight and finally feel normal. I am absorbing food and feeling full and nourished. It’s hard to put into words exactly how much my life has changed. All I know is that I’m LIVING again!

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is going through life feeling like nothing is working. There is hope in this treatment. We are currently in the saving process to be able to put my husband and our son through treatment. It was devastating to hear that our son has the same illness and it is heart-breaking to know he is going through the same things I did. Yet, I am thankful that this treatment is available and that, in time, he will get to live a better life than me. It can be scary to make the investment into this protocol but from my experience it is worth every penny and we are impatiently waiting to be able to give our son the gift of wellness he deserves. I’m so thankful for Dr. Ben and what he has done for my life and my family. Pursuing the LymeStop treatment was the best decision we’ve ever made."

--Kait B.

"My health was very bad, I couldn't eat, sleep or breath very good at all.  I had pain in my liver area and was vomiting from mold exposure.  I felt very nauseated all the time and very fatigued.  I was referred to Dr. Erlandson by my chiropractor.  I have had great results and have no more pain in my liver and I can breathe better.  

I would recommend Dr. Erlandson because it worked for me.  Everyone with disbelief should read up on this technique.  It was great."

--Nancy C.

"July 3rd, 2015 was the day that I woke up with intense and excruciating joint pain for the first time. It was also the day that changed my life for forever. That day I started with joint pain that would radiate through my shoulder blades, my elbows, my hips, my knees, and my ankles. During the rest of the summer of 2015 this joint pain would show up for about 3-4 days and then it would go away for a week and then come back again.  Since the pain would be on and off I just thought to myself that it wasn’t anything too serious.  Then when fall rolled around, I went back to college and started my Junior year and 2nd semester in Nursing School.  This is when the joint pain started to become a constant and everyday annoyance, but to my surprise became the least of my problems because this is also when all of my other symptoms of Lyme’s Disease arrived. Alongside the constant joint pain, every single joint in my body now tingled and it felt like bugs were crawling inside of them. Other symptoms included constant fatigue, inability to sleep, waking up drenched in sweat every morning at 3 A.M. like clockwork, episodes of dizziness and fainting, extreme headaches, Gastroenterology issues, and hot and cold flashes. After these symptoms started, I finally decided to go to my doctor, which didn’t get me very far since they told me that all of these symptoms were “just in my head” because all of my blood work came back normal. Being a nursing student and having trust in doctors and healthcare, I believed the doctor and just went back to dealing with all of these symptoms, but again to my surprise I just kept getting worse and worse. I was not only dealing with “old” symptoms, but now new symptoms started to pop up.  These included extreme anxiety, depression, horrible brain fog, shortness of breath or “air hunger,” and short term memory loss. At this point I knew I needed to find help, and Dr. Erlandson and LymeStop was the answer. 

January 2017 was when I started my LymeStop treatments, and the only thing that kept me from going to LymeStop and Dr. Erlandson sooner was just not really knowing that this kind of treatment even existed.  My overall health and quality of life after LymeStop is a complete 360 compared to my health and life before the treatment.  For the first 3-4 weeks after the treatments, my symptoms did get a little worse, however by week 5-6 I started to become a completely different person. I now have energy to do everyday tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning, doing my laundry, etc. which were tasks that completely drained me before the treatments. I can also think clearly again and have just become my old bubbly, positive, and happy self, which was covered up for 2 years! Lastly and most importantly, I was able to get my first nursing job and practice nursing in the hospital, which I know I wouldn’t have been able to physically, mentally and emotionally do without the help of LymeStop.  I will forever be grateful for Dr. Erlandson and LymeStop, and would recommend and have recommended LymeStop to anyone who has experienced any of these symptoms.  Not only did LymeStop work, but it is also all natural.  I was on antibiotics for a year before LymeStop and they didn’t help me at all, they just made more symptoms for me instead, so for LymeStop to be all natural is another reason I chose to go with this treatment option. Overall, LymeStop made me love and enjoy life again, and I am so lucky to have come across Dr. Erlandson and LymeStop." 

--Breanna H.

"Over sometime I noticed a gradual decrease in energy and stamina. I have always been an active person working hard and often getting little sleep. Suddenly I found myself always tired even when I got 8-10hours of sleep per night and a nap in the day. My symptoms worsened with brain fog and fatigue making it nearly impossible to keep up with my work at times. This is when I heard about Lymestop and decided to give it a try. 

First thing I noticed after treatment is I felt mentally clear. The fatigue began to lessen and by 6 months post treatment I felt better than I have for years. I often come home now after a long day of work and comment that I hardly even feel tired. The difference is unbelievable, thank you!

I highly recommend Lymestop because of how it helped me. I hate to think of where I might be if I had not found out about this treatment."

Ivan J. 

"Before Lymestop I was fairly healthy but had issues I couldn’t figure out. I had chronic headaches, migraines, and lots of digestive issues. I also had lots of constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I saw Dr. Ben and he used CBT technique on me before he was done with his Lyme training. Then he tested me for Lyme. 

Now I rarely get migraines and a lot fewer headaches. I don’t have digestive issues anymore and the pain in my neck and shoulders is gone most of the time. I would recommend Lymestop to others and I do often! It is the only thing that helped me figure out and get rid of my migraines and GI issues. 

I felt like a mystery case until I saw Dr. Ben. After trying every other method I could think of, Lymestop gave me the most relief."

--Janae K.  

"I was tired I could not do my day to day chores. My muscles were tired, walking felt like I had been walking for miles. I had no patience for my kids and had no energy to feed or play with them. I didn’t know I had Lyme. 

I no longer need to take naps I'm back to a normal schedule.  Sitting and playing with my kids, happier, and looking forward to daily challenges of farm life. I feel like Lymestop was safe and effective along with the diet."

--Ann K.

"I had been having a lot of gastrointestinal problems for some time, I always had to be careful of what I ate. Years ago I had a test that told me I was allergic to the casein protein in milk and that I was sensitive to gluten so I immediately discontinued all milk products and went gluten free in my eating as much as possible. I would get diarrhea a lot whenever I would eat something I was sensitive to. Lately I had been having a LOT of discomfort in my gut with gas, bloating, and rumbling.
 When CBT was performed by Dr. Erlandson, he discovered several parasites, infections, and mold.He cleared these out doing his procedure and what a difference it has made in how my gut feels. It certainly has quieted down . The chronic diarrhea I had been having has also decreased to almost nothing. What a relief that has been. 
I am so glad I learned of Dr. Erlandson and his CBT. It has been a blessing and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is having any kind of health problems. Find out from him if CBT can be of help to you too."

--Shirley M.

"I was very tired, no energy, a lot of anxiety and nervousness sometimes almost to the point of collapsing. 

My central nervous system is better, I have more energy and I am not so tired all the time. I would recommend Lymestop. I got treated and got results from other infections also. 

Thank you for all it did for me, God bless you."

--John M. 

"I had no energy, body aches, headaches and just felt like I couldn't get simple projects done in a day. I was sick all the time, going to different doctors for my skin rash, being put on different medications. 
Since Lymestop I have lots of energy. I feel rested when I wake and have no headaches. My foggy mind is gone. I would recommend Lymestop to others because I feel amazing. The diet changes and vitamins are something I needed. My skin rash is gone and I feel great!"

--Stacy M.

"Everyday my health was getting worse. Months going on years of brain fog, I felt disconnected from the world. I had sinus problems, mold, grass, and pollen issues. I was tired all the time, headaches, fatigue, forgetfulness, blurred vision and lots of moodiness. Dr. Ben gave me life and my health back of all the health problems I mentioned above. I am about 90% better now and have had to heal my body and I will soon be back to 100% better. 

I would recommend Lymestop, Dr.Ben saved my life. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance in life. I feel the best I have been in years. Dr. Ben’s technique is so effortless its unreal. The whole staff was great to work with they’re kind and caring. Thank you."

--Duane P. 

"When you have an invisible illness it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have a clue.

It’s a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside, when you look fine on the outside.


Our story…

It all began about a year after our beautiful wedding day. We lived nestled in our cozy house in the tall woods, life was good! The family dairy farm was just down the road and I would often walk over to go ride with my husband to help him with his work, then things started changing…

It was November, only a bit over a year after we were married and he was involved in an intense remodel project, working very long days and all through the night trying to get it finished by the deadline. A month after the project got completed, his brother left for a mission for the next two years. So my husband and his dad had the farm to themselves. And that year was a drought year, so we were flat out trying to make ends meet… he would work 90+ hours a week (looking back he says he never felt the same after that project).

Fast forward three years later, we both realized he was completely exhausted with life. After wanting to sleep, waking up with zero energy to face the work that needed to be done. Depression being forced to work while having no energy it felt like extreme laziness! It was depressing to the point of not wanting to live. Social life was a struggle, it was difficult to keep a conversation, and in general social functions just were not enjoyable. Simple things such as putting his socks on felt as difficult as climbing a 70ft silo. He struggled with brain fog down to the nitty gritty. From people’s names, to not remembering a bible reference, to repeatedly not remembering if he had opened the gate for the cows and having to go back to check. What was frustrating was having a list of jobs that needed to be done and not being able to figure out how to get it all accomplished. Every few months his back pain would flair up a few times laying him flat out for a week at a time, leaving me with most of the chores. We’d visit a chiropractor and it was a temporary help. He also struggled with infections. Simple scraps from farm work would get severely infected and would require antibiotics to recover. Nearly everyday he had low grade headaches. Anger set in, he was angry at nothing and everything. We discussed an occupation change that wouldn’t require so much physical labor but we couldn’t ever get anywhere. He was emotionally unstable. One time he found himself lying on a concrete floor crying. All the symptoms got worse so gradually that were didn’t have a reason other than to try and accept it as a new normal.

Then we started hearing this (LYME) word. We heard the simple symptoms of fatigue etc and decided to make an appointment with our medical doctor at our local Mayo Clinic. This was August of 2015. She right away did blood tests including a Lyme screening. She sent us home with 3 weeks of antibiotics because she thought it was definitely Lyme disease. For two days of antibiotics he felt like a new person, more energy, no headaches and simply feeling great! Then all the ugly symptoms came back again but worse than before. In the mean time all the tests came back negative. We made another appointment with our doctor as why he felt so good for a few days and then it went back. She said feeling good from the antibiotics could be results of the anti-inflammatory in the antibiotics and blamed his symptoms on stress and improper sleeping habits. So now what??

Somewhere in there we were able to purchase new work equipment along with his brother coming home from his mission, there now wasn’t as much work pressure, he thought he would surely be feeling better but he didn’t. That is when we realized that there was something majorly wrong.

May 2016 I visiting my mom here whose son has Lyme disease and she was talking about his symptoms. I came home and told my husband he still had Lyme disease. We started looking at other health care routes. He started an herbal antibiotic, two of his friends had help from that. Things start changing he would have days where he was feeling good. A month later we switched to a more complete herbal antibiotic Lyme protocol from a doctor in Texas, Dr. Cowden. In the meantime we wasted our money on the Western Blot test which was supposedly so accurate, it also came back negative. The Chiropractor that did the testing suggested that the high bacteria in the results was due to dental problems… chronic fatigue, brain fog?? Befuddled. His days of feeling good were increasing but very slowly. For 3 months now his symptoms the majority of the time were twice as bad as before which is expected as the Lyme is being killed off.

July 2017 it felt like he was at a plateau, he wasn’t getting any better. Our sister in law mentioned a doctor in Onalaska, WI that really helped her. We had heard of him, but his technique sounded very unique and we were a little skeptical. But we felt desperate. So we booked appointments and through his testing he told Phillip he still had Lyme really bad. Philip had treatments in August 2017.

July 2018 after 6 years of living with Lyme our lives are so different it feels like I needed to find out who I am and what my place in life was again. It has been one year since my husband had his Lymestop treatments. I can honestly say our lives have miraculously been turned right side up. I have to admit I never imagined our lives to return to “normal”. I never imagined that I would someday ask my husband if he needed help with chores and have him answer me with a smile on his face and say “why don’t you stay inside tonight.” I knew he was mentally and physically strong enough to manage. That night it brought tears to my eyes. I watched him run down to the barn and watched him skip steps up the stairs. He leaves to go do chores with a smile and a cheerful goodbye. I watch him come in from chores with a smile on his face wondering how my day was. He doesn’t need coffee to stay awake in chruch anymore and he loves social functions again. And my biggest relief is that he has his mind back again. His depression and suicidal thoughts are totally gone. His spiritual confusion is gone, his fatigue is gone, and his energy is back. We have family devotions again, he reads stories to his little boy and the anger is gone! He doesn’t need me to remember everything for him anymore. His is able to take charge and handle situations on his own. Never a day goes by that I thank God for this huge miracle.

Two days ago I heard Philip telling a friend “Starting with the first treatment, things started getting better. The biggest things I noticed right away is my mental issues were not nearly as bad. As far as physically, I noticed a really big change right away. I had two days of feeling so much better than I ever thought possible to feel. It was just fun running around working and stuff. I could run across the yard and it felt like I was gliding. Nothing rattled or jarred like it used to. After treatment when the rubber hit the road I still struggled with fairly bad fatigue but even that is getting a lot better. I’ve had quite a few days that I feel 100% better. We understand it could be several years before a full recovery, but we’re very happy with how quick I have recovered so far.”

--Philip J.  

"I was motivated to seek Dr.Ben’s help when I began to read the testimonials written about his practice and the techniques used to combat Lyme and its associated infections. I had learned about his methods from a friend who had good success with those techniques while battling Lyme. His book, personal story and LymeStop papers described my symptoms almost exactly and they prepared me well for what I was to experience. I would also like to thank Dr. Joe Erlandson for his excellent advice and recommendations prior to my treatment schedule.
Roughly said, Lyme disease is hell. Most people, me included, are misinformed about Lyme and have spent a lot of money searching for answers and solutions to their symptoms and condition. I am happy to say I have found both answers and effective treatment for my disease.
The most far-reaching effect of my treatments, my ongoing recovery and follow-up is a lifestyle change and a new understanding of health and well-being. I would be far less along in my recovery if permanent changes in my lifestyle hadn’t been made.

I am not a health professional but would humbly make these recommendations for any current and future patients. Prepare well in advance of treatments:
Seek and/or continue quality Chiropractic care
Change your diet permanently to promote the best chance for healing and ongoing health
Use whole food supplements to aid your nutritional needs
Exercise daily, with professional guidance, as your condition permits (I like Yoga)
Have a good support system of family and friends."

--Frank R.

 "In June of 2016 I found a tick on my neck.  I didn’t suspect that it was there for any length of time because I had been in my garden.  There are lots of deer in the woods behind our home.  It was a Sunday so I went to urgent care.  They didn’t do anything.  The next day I called my family doctor and he gave me a prescription for antibiotics.  I took them and assumed I would be fine.

     Three months later I began to have unusual symptoms.   Prior to that I was in good health.  I’m now 66 years old.  But I didn’t have any ongoing illnesses. The symptoms started with my feet starting to hurt.  Since I never had that I went to a Podiatrist wondering what it could be.  He diagnosed me with some neurological disorder.  That same day I had the first of many migrating pains.  In my case pain would migrate into a joint, muscle or tendon.  For 24 to 48 hours it was excruciatingly painful.  In two more days, it was 100% gone.  Only to migrate to another location 3 to 5 days later.  This continued for two plus years.  I became very fatigued. 
I went to the doctor’s and asked for a Lyme test.  The doctor told me I had taken antibiotics and was fine.  I insisted on the test.  They called me to say I tested positive for Lyme disease.  As time passed more symptoms presented.  I would eat certain foods and have sudden swellings in various places.  Good healthy foods became a problem for me.  Suddenly I had swellings that were red, hot and painful along with the migrating pain.  I got a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.   I was afraid of what I ate because of the swellings.  I started losing weight because I had trouble eating so many foods.  It wasn’t long until I was debilitated by the disease. 
I went to a Lyme Literate doctor who gave me three months of antibiotics.  That only made me sicker.  I kept losing weight.  I decided to try an alternative.  It included a vegan diet and major detox treatments.  For a few months I improved slightly.  But suddenly the improvement evaporated and I was much worse.  
I had a swollen gland under the right side of my throat.   I went to the elders of my church and asked them to pray with me.  I told them I had a doctor’s appointment the next day.  I asked them to pray that God would use the doctor to direct me.  He suggested that I see a good dentist.  The literature for the alternative treatment that I was doing suggested that you go to a good biological dentist.  I found one.  He had done some research into Lyme disease.  He told me that I had 10 multisided mercury fillings and I could never achieve remission with that much mercury in my mouth.  

He took great precautions removing the fillings.  He even used oxygen so I didn’t inhale any mercury.  However, I still got worse.  I had one tooth that had so many sides to the filling that it was painful.  I went back and when I told him I was worse.  He did a 3D s-ray.  He found that I had a space where I never got a wisdom tooth that filled with infection and was in the bone under that tooth.  It was just above the area where I had the swollen glad.  He did surgery that day to take care of everything.  He told me about LymeStop.  I asked him if he had any first had knowledge.  He didn’t.  I was desperate because I had been so sick for almost two years.  My weight was below 100 at this point.  I needed to do something.
I checked out LymeStop.  I was skeptical because I’d never heard of anything like this.  But I needed help.  After calling and talking to Dr. Erlandson’s wife Carrie was felt more at ease.  I went on the waiting list and had appointments for June 3-6, 2018. 

 I went for the treatments.  Within a week or two I noticed small improvements and changes.  By the time I got to 6 weeks I had no more migrating pain, no strange swellings, my energy was back.   My hands and feet improved some but continued to be a problem.  

In September I returned for a final treatment.   I was really delighted with my progress.  I did have a slight relapse the week before the final treatment.  But was pleased when I saw the doctor to find I had no more evidence of Lyme.  He found a virus and a lingering mycoplasma infection.  Both were treated.  It has just been 8 days since that last treatment.  I am very pleased because that final treatment jump-started my recovery.  I’ve noticed that the RA in my hands is dramatically improved and my feet are starting to improve too.  Healing takes time.  But I’m stronger and improving all the time.I would strongly recommend LymeStop to anyone who is suffering with Lyme disease.  It has restored my life to me."

--Cathy R.

"I had a weird ring in my ears 7 years ago, I didn’t go to the doctor because it went away in a few days. 
A few months later I had whole body tingling with severe head and neck pain that wasn’t going away with chiropractic adjustments or pain killers. I went and had a MRI and they showed  lesions and I was diagnosed with MS and was put on $150 shots at one a day. I was getting worse and not better. The whole time I was researching and thought I had Lyme. I heard about Lymestop from my chiropractor as soon as I could get the money and pay for it I made the appointment. The relief of my neck and jaw pain was felt the same day, actually it was totally gone. I came in with 39 symptoms and at my 3 month appointment I believe it was only 4-6 mild ones. It has been life changing. I have recommended it to my children and son-in-law and also a friends mother. So far two have done the treatment. 

My health was terrible. I felt terrible now looking back brain fog most of the time, body aches, muscle aches, constant jaw and neck pain. I felt drained, anxious, and always “draggy”.  I heard about Lymestop through another chiropractor/friend that had done it herself along with others she knew. The biggest thing that kept me from doing it was the cost. There was some doubt because I have tried other protocols and diets that didn’t work. 

What changed immediately was my neck and jaw pain was gone. Then the brain fog, memory/confusion left. Then more and more of the chronic pain in my whole body, joint, and muscles along with constipation went away. 

I would recommend Lymestop to others. Dr. Erlandson came across as Confident and informative. My physical issues are gone. I know the minors ones left will still get better to. Even thought there was a cost and supplements I think they were important in healing and helping with issues."

--Kristine V.

"One year ago today, my husband had his first Lymestop treatment. I asked him this morning how much better does he feel today than he did a year ago and his answer was “tons!!!”

Prior to these last 365 days, he had some really really rough times and no one at Mayo Clinic Rochester or LaCrosse through all of his episodes could help him. Some days it felt like they didn’t even try….I seriously had lost all hope and wondered how much more I could handle as a spouse of someone who was just not nice to be around. There were many times throughout our marriage that I didn’t even stop to think he acted the way he did because he was sick but that because it must be his true nature.

One night during the summer of 2017, he had one of his rants or outbursts of which now I can’t even tell you what it was about but it was always over something very trivial. I went into another room, shut the door, got on my knees and bawled. I looked up and started talking to my Mom who had passed away just months before of cancer. I said “see Mom, now you know the kind of things I have been dealing with! If you can hear me or have any pull up there, PLEASE help if you can for the sake of your daughter and grandsons." I also asked God to help in any way possible. I had reached my limit of dealing with his behavior. Well, the very next morning, I received an email from Daryl after he had gotten to work that said he had stopped at Kwik Trip that morning and ran into Mark who is married to Daryl's first cousin. Through the course of conversation, they both discussed their health problems they had been experiencing and Mark handed him a business card for Dr. Ben Erlandson. Daryl asked me in the email if I thought he should give it a try. After taking a quick look at the website, I said definitely yes because it would be worth the money just to find out if he did or did not have Lyme disease! Daryl printed out and brought home that night Dr. Ben’s story from his website. As I read through it, I once again was in tears. But they were tears of relief and hope! I could so relate to what was in that story as a spouse trying to deal with a husband who just didn’t seem to care one bit about anything.

I want to say THANK YOU for being the answer to our prayers!!! After years of Daryl dealing with “something” followed by 6 years of doctoring at Mayo, I don’t think either of us thought we would see a day that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Ben and Lymestop seem to have been that light and exactly what Daryl needed to get back on the road to good health!

Thank you to Dr. Ben and Staff from our family,"

--Diane V.